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Before you start:   Remember when you do these next two exercises to look at the shape of your eyes and lift the muscle to suit your facial features.  For example if you have almond shaped eyes you will stretch more to the outside of your eye rather that lifting straight up.

What to do:

Place two fingers under the middle of your eyebrow, hold the position and then close your eye and look down.

Keep holding your eyebrow up for 5 seconds and then pull your fingers up and across the direction of the forehead muscle, keeping your eye closed until you reach the edge of your hairline, and relax.

Make sure you breathe and relax your shoulders as you do the exercise.

Now have a look in the mirror and you should see a difference between the eye you have just worked and the other side!

Repeat the exercise 3 more times.

For best results do this at least 5 times a week!


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