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The answer to that question is well, almost everyone!

I think we all should do Face Pilates, however, there are instances where people need to consider the health implications before they choose to try alternative health practices.

The best policy is to always be safe.

When you practice Face Pilates you are working on the pressure points and meridians of your body.  This can have an affect on your organs, blood and skin.  They are all connected and as you work you are stimulating the same energy pathways that you stimulate when you are doing acupuncture or reflexology.  This can sometimes have contraindications for the body.

A contraindication means:  Something (such as a symptom or condition) that is a medical reason for not doing or using something (such as a treatment, procedure, or activity).

SO who shouldn’t do Face Pilates?

Here is a list of reasons why people should consult your doctor before you include our routines in your lifestyle:

·      You are talking anticoagulants
·      Recent injuries to the neck or head
·      Recent operations to the head or face
·      Cuts, abrasions or bruises to the head or face
·      Cancer
·      Epilepsy
·      Diabetes
·      High or low blood pressure
·      Migraine
·      Recent hemorrhage to the brain
·      Asthma
·      Skin disorders
·      Scalp infections
·      Brain infections or meningitis

I have designed the Face Pilates routine with the best intent to improve your health and give you a natural alternative to anti-ageing and longevity, they are not designed to diagnose, treat or cure and illness, disorder or health problems.




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