Diary / Agenda

We encourage you to follow the daily diary of Studio Australia Barcelona co-owner, Mandy Keillor, and we hope it inspires you to keep consistent with your practice.

Day 1: Did the full face routine at the studio today.  We all thought is was SO good to be back.  It’s amazing how much different you feel, and look after.

Day 2: I’m inspired by my teacher and another in Australia who are both practicing the routine for different parts of their face each day as part of their cleansing and moisturising routine that I have decide to practice what I preach and Face Pilates every day. I’m going to get up 10 minutes earlier everyday and at least do the eye routine.

Day 3: Well I felt great for doing the eye routine yesterday but realized that the rest of my face was lacking the vitality and lift that my eyes had.  I even had some comments through out the day about how I was looking!

Day 4: Today I’ve introduced the cheek routine into the morning ritual.  I feel so much better!

Day 5: Ran out of time this morning.  Did my eyes and then my jowls but didn’t have time to do my cheeks.

Day 6: I’ve realized that my right eye takes a few more repetitions than my left to get it to lift.  It has always been lazy!  Now I’m getting older I really need to focus on it.  By adding 3 more repetitions of the lifts – so 7 instead of 4 for the other eye I can get it to match. I guess it’s all about getting to know your own face and giving the attention to the areas that need it to create the changes.

Days 7 – 10: The weekend.  Lost my momentum.  Tomorrow back to it!

Day 11: Back on track!  Feel so much better this morning by doing my eyes and jowls.  The effort is worth it.  Just need to make the effort and keep up the habit.

Day 12: Did eyes and jowl and some cheeks this morning.  My right eye really takes some extra work and I have realized that I have to alter the position of my fingers on the eyebrow more vertical than the other eye to get the lift.  Happy with myself getting up earlier to make the effort though.

Day 13: Cheeks, eyes, jowls….Check!

Day 14: Not feeling well today.  Face Pilates, I’m afraid I will have to give you a rain check.

Day 15: Back on track.  Eyes and jowl routines to start my day and lift my face and spirits.

Day 16: Feeling lazy.  Got up too late and not in the mood this morning!

Day 17: It really matters getting up that 5 minutes early to do my routine.  Still only managed eyes and jowls though this morning.

Day 18: Late start today so could do my cheeks, eyes and jowls.  Looking forward to my next full face routine in the studio to work on my neck and the rest of my face.

Day 19: It’s amazing that once you get into the routine that you can really include the extra minutes needed to  complete your morning nuptials including a few Face Pilates exercises.  Getting into the grove now and it’s starting to feel a normal part of the process. Still can’t get up that 5 minutes earlier to include the cheeks though!  Eyes and jowls  only today!

Day 20: Had a late start at work today and was able to do cheeks, jowls, eyes and forehead!  Feel like I accomplished something even before I started my day.

Day 21: Forget it!  Got up late.  No Face Pilates this morning!  Tomorrow!

Day 22 and 23: Sometimes it’s so hard to get motivated on the weekend!  I have all the good intension and think that I’ll make the time, and then….  This weekend was one of those!

Day 24: Made myself do the cheeks, eyes, jowl and forehead this morning to make up for my 3 days of slacking off.  Felt great for the effort.

Day 25: Managed to get the eye routine in.  It’s interesting that now when I  don’t do the other parts of my face I can really see the difference.  And because I haven’t been doing the full routine and not the neck or the lips I’m noticing that they are not as lifted.

Day 26: Early start and didn’t have time today.

Day 27 and 28: Sick and couldn’t make myself do my exercises.  I suppose that is life sometimes.

Day 29: Found the perfect place to do a bit of Face Pilates – the hairdressers!  While I had my colour on I managed to do cheeks, jowls, eyes and forehead.  Need to look out for the colour at the edges!  Looked a little stupid to those wondering what I was doing but it was a good use of my time!

Day 30: Sunday.  Got the cheek and eye routine in before going to my birthday lunch!  Girl’s got to look her best!  Especially at my age!

Day 31: Managed to do eyes only this morning.  Everything was an effort.

Day 32: SO looking forward to doing the full routine in the studio today!  It’s been TOO long.

Day 33: Yesterday’s Face Pilates routine in the studio was great.  It makes me realize how important it is to do the whole routine at least once a week.  Revitalising and rejuvenating.  It just makes me feel great!

Day 34: After doing the full face routine the other day I realize that I need to adapt some of my at home sessions to include some different lifts and stretches so today I did neck, jowls, nose, eyes and forehead.  Need to mix it up a bit!

Day 35: Another session in the studio.  There has to be some advantages of owning the business!  Looking forward to feeling and seeing the difference of two studio sessions a week.

Day 36 and 37: Took the weekend off after all my hard work this week!

Day 38: Worked out a quick 5 minute routine which I can do when I’m in a hurry but gives my face a lift and plump straight after I moisturise.

  1. Lift your cheek x 4
  2. Jowl lift x 4
  3. Nose lift x 4 – both sides at the same time
  4. Eye stretch x 4 – both sides at the same time
  5. Eye socket lift x 4 – both sides at the same time
  6. Crows feet stretch x 4
  7. Forehead stretch x 4
  8. Micro massage entire face

Make sure you use you breath and relax.  It’s a great start to the day.

Day 39: Funny that I’m now getting so used to my little morning ritual that I automatically started doing my routine and realized that I had a

Studio class today so really didn’t have to!

I so love doing the full routine in class.  It gives me a renewed understanding of the exercises and I feel great after it.  I’m sure all the breathing and forced relaxation helps.

Day 40: Early morning and no Face Pilates!

Day 41: Managed to do my 8 step chin to forehead routine.

Day 42: Thought I was going to get to do another Studio class today but it the class was cancelled.  Missed out and it’s Friday afternoon so I’m ready for a glass of red instead!

What did happen this week though was one of our clients who is in her late 60’s and who has been doing Face Pilates classes with us said that she has also been doing her own routine at home in between classes and is noticing the difference, in fact, her sister last week commented on how great she was looking!

Day 43: Really happy with my routine.  I know I need to mix it up a bit to keep the muscles working but my 5 minute routine is great when I’m in a hurry and just need to make sure I do something to keep up the maintenance regularly.

Day 44: Lazy Sunday!

Day 45: I completely forgot to do my routine this morning.  Too busy and have too much on my mind.  Oh well, that’s life!

Day 46: Back on track.  Had some extra time today so did the full cheek and eye routine as well as The Kiss for my mouth, which I normally don’t do unless I do a class, and then the rest of my normal routine.  Feels good to take the time when I have it and make the effort.

Day 47: No Face Pilates today.

Day 48: And again, feeling guilty now!

Day 49: I could really feel that I hadn’t done anything for a few days.  Managed to do my quick routine of neck, jowls, nose, under eye lifts, crows feet stretch, both eyes top lift and forehead stretch.  I do 4 of each lift or stretch and it takes me 5 to 7 minutes.

Day 50: Managed another morning of my routine with the micro massage to finish it off.  I find that if I do the micro massage at the end it brings all of the blood to the skin and plumps up my face before I put my make up on.

Day 51: Day of rest

Day 52: Just couldn’t get my act together this morning.  Tomorrow!

Day 53: I did my normal routine and then realized that I had a studio session with Poala.  It feels so good to do the whole face and now I’m noticing that my muscles are reacting more and staying longer in the lift.  It’s really noticeable when I do the first side and look at the second side drooping!  Especially around my mouth and when I look at my eyelids.  It’s very encouraging to see the changes happening and wonderful to see the new people who have bought the APP learning better how to do their routines and get to know their faces.

Day 54: My early morning start!  No Face Pilates today.

Day 55: Managed a 5 minute workout after my cleanse and moisturize.  It   really is about routine and persistence.  I figure if I can do a full face routine once a week and my mini routine 3 times a week I should continue to see the changes.  Lets’ see!

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