1. What is Face Pilates?

Face Pilates is a series of exercises designed to teach you how to work the muscles and the skin of your face using your fingers and facial expressions.  The routine increases blood circulation, lifts the muscles, improves skin condition, relieves stress and leaves you feeling relaxed and revitalized. Using the principals of Pilates, you identify and isolate the muscles on your face and neck and use a combination of breathing, stretching, repetitive pulsations and massage to ‘workout’ your entire face.

2. Why should I practice Face Pilates?

With the increasing pressures from the media to look young and fit, people, specifically middle-aged women are turning to invasive and often dangerous medical procedures to achieve their desired look. We want to help you look and feel young again without having surgery. Drawing from the women who worked to develop face exercise, we have developed our own form of facial exercise that we call Face Pilates.

3. How long does it take for results to occur?

The results are noticeable in weeks, especially because our face generally doesn’t have very much fat covering the muscle so the results show much quicker.  In fact, when you do the workout you will notice the difference from one side to the other as you go through the routine.   It really is amazing!

4. How often should I practice? Do I need to do the entire routine?

We recommend that you work the entire face once a week and focus on those ‘special areas’ of your face during your daily body and face care routine. Check out our YouTube channel for our Daily Face Routine series.

2 thoughts on “FAQs”

  1. Angie Guisado Sánchez said:

    Estimados señores: tengo su app que tanto ofertan, realicé la compra de la versión pro y cuál es mi sorpresa? No funciona con el último iOS porque falta que ustedes la actualicen para seguir utilizándola?
    Mi pregunta es: cuando la actualizaran?
    Me he gastado el dinero para nada?
    Me gustaría una pronta respuesta por favor

    Reciban un cordial saludo

    • Estimada Angie,

      Gracias por su mensaje y disculpe las molestias.

      Sí, la versión no es compatible con el último iOS. Estamos trabajando en hacer las actualizaciones y creando la nueva versión del App pero de momento no sabemos la fecha del lanzamiento.
      Si le gustaría, le podemos ofrecer una devolución de su dinero si nos puede facilitar sus datos bancarios.
      Por otro lado, si le gustaría formar parte del lanzamiento del nuevo Face Pilates este año donde podrá darnos su opinión y feedback, por favor que nos avise.
      Y cuando el nuevo App este terminado y listo para lanzar, nos gustaría darselo como regalo.

      Gracias y cualquier cosa estamos aquí!

      Saludos cordiales,

      El Equipo de Face Pilates

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