Welcome / Bienvenidos

Welcome to Face Pilates – our version of facial exercise that will help you to reverse the signs of aging and reveal a younger looking you.

We have developed an app for iOS devices that can be purchased via iTunes:


In Barcelona? Coming for a visit? We invite you to visit our centre and attend one of live classes. Learn more about our centre – Studio Australia Barcelona:


Studio Australia Barcelona presents YouTube Face Pilates Tutorials

We invite you to visit our YouTube channel to access our tutorial videos for the Face Pilates app.

Our latest video presents the Face Pilates Daily Face Routine (Part 6)

To see all the Face Pilates Daily Face Routine Exercise videos, click here:


NEW! Face Pilates Tutorials in SPANISH!

Check out our latest Face Pilates Tutorials in Spanish:

To view all the Face Pilates Exercise videos in Spanish, click here:


You exercise your body why not your face!

photo shoot


Welcome to Face Pilates! We are so pleased you have decided to join us on this incredible journey to a younger looking you! We are so happy with the results, and we can’t wait to share our routine with you so that you can enjoy the same benefits as we have. We encourage you to complete the routine on a consistent basis as it will be the only way for you to see a true transformation. We’ve designed the routine so that you can see the results as you go!  Do one side first and see the changes.  Muscles have memory, so the more you do the exercises the better they maintain their form, turning back the clock and stopping the aging process.  Click around our website to learn more about Face Pilates, and our new iPhone application.  Be sure to send us your before and after photos so we can start your album in our photo gallery to document your progress over time.

Warm regards,

The Team from Studio Australia Barcelona

Download the app here

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